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"Yofi - My new favorite plant-based "

Chickpea + Rice

A naturally gluten free plant-based with a delicate sweet taste. Use in your smoothies, in porridge and oat bowls or in your baking recipes. 


Gluten- Free Oat Barista

The perfect for your morning coffee, this barista version delivers a professionally validated foam with the shortest ingredient list on the barista market.


Chickpea + Oat

A luxurious, creamy plant-based that leaves a rich sensation on the palate. Perfect in smoothies, on your cereal or fresh from the carton, served over ice.


More than, Yofi is a movement founded on values of compassion, kindness and community. We believe that our choices as consumers are the most powerful weapon against
our planet's most important health, environment and animal welfare issues.


That's why we've launched Yofi with a range of delicious, nutritious, organic plant-based because it's an easy daily swap for everyone. Our not-so-secret ingredient is the humble powerful chickpea that delivers superior texture and taste,has a high nutritional value and is a sustainable plant food source that is less harmful to the environment than traditional dairy milk.

Most importantly, drinking Yofi plant-based keeps animals out of our food chain and our hearts healthy and happy!

“Just the right level of sweetness.”


Rich in high quality protein, low in fat and with a gentle flavour and subtle sweetness, chickpeas are nutritional powerhouses gifted by nature and transformed into delicious by Yofi.

Blended with oats or rice, our gives you a smooth, creamy, velvet-like consistency that’s perfect in your smoothies, on cereal or in your cooking and baking recipes.

Our favourite part is that Yofi plant-based is kind to the environment and kind to animals. We believe animals have a right to a long and happy life, so we’re excited that more and more people are making the switch away from cow’s milk and embracing elements of a plant-based diet, lifestyle and philosophy.

Formulating the perfect plant-based requires passion, commitment and science!
Developing deliciousness

Formulating the perfect plant-based requires passion, commitment and science! We’ve poured our heart and soul into creating the perfect blends that taste great on their own and don’t overpower the flavour of your smoothie or favourite breakfast cereal. We’re also working on our Barista version to bring creamy curdle-free deliciousness to your coffee and hot drinks.

Putting your health first

We’ve kept our smooth, tasty plant-based as pure and natural as possible with no added sugar. All our ingredients come from plants and Yofi contains no chemicals or long names you don’t understand! When you include Yofi in your diet, you’ll be nourishing your body with a delicious alternative to dairy that provides good sources of protein, essential fats, carbohydrates and water - the perfect fuel combination for sustained energy and mental clarity.


Created and developed using chickpeas, we set out to create a plant-based alternative to milk that delivers high quality nutrition and tastes so good that everyone will want it in their fridge, regardless of their overall dietary choices. 

When plant-based is this nutritious, delicious, ethical and sustainable, there is simply no reason to continue drinking cow’s milk. But we understand that as a consumer you might have concerns about the impact of a plant-based diet on your health. After all, you’ve grown up believing that milk and dairy products are an essential food group. (Hint: They’re not!) 

Yofi plant-based is a good source of protein, contains no added sugars and is naturally lactose free and easy to digest. It contains less calories, less fat and less carbs than cow’s milk, and is packed with essential amino acids and is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, making it a great alternative for weight-management and prevention of many major diseases.

We’ve blended creamy chickpeas with high-fibre oats and sweet-tasting rice to create two distinctly different plant options that offer variety in nutritional value and flavour. Rice is one of the most hypo-allergenic foods so our Chickpea + Rice is the best choice for people with allergies and food sensitivities.

Are you ready to make the simple switch and be part of something bigger?

Yofi organic plant-based is a delicious low fat drink that contains no added sugars and is naturally lactose free and easy to digest with a 100% protein digestibility score. It contains less calories, less fat and half the sugar of whole cow’s milk, and is packed with essential amino acids and unsaturated fatty acids making it a great choice for a healthy lifestyle.
Did you know that 68% of the world’s population has a lactose intolerance? Switching to plant-based removes the emotional stress associated with lactose-induced symptoms and allows
you to enjoy breakfast again.
We’ve blended creamy chickpea protein with sweet tasting oats and rice to create two distinctly different plant options that offer variety in nutritional value and flavour. Rice is one of the most hypo-allergenic foods so our Chickpea + Rice is the best choice for people with allergies and food sensitivities. All our blends are non-GMO and certified organic because we believe it’s better for health and ensures that we as consumers respect the land where plants are grown and support the
ecosystems of planet Earth.

Choose Yofi today - it’s good for you, good for the planet and good for the animals.


Animal agriculture is responsible for around 16% of all greenhouse gas emissions with 62% of those produced by cattle (for beef and dairy). To put that into perspective, that’s the same figure as when you combine all forms of transportation globally, including road, air, ship, rail and pipeline (16.2%).

Planet Earth is at a potentially catastrophic tipping point and we as consumers hold the key to slowing down climate change and reversing global warming. It’s up to us to open our minds, change our habits and make plant-based diets and vegan lifestyles the new normal. Swapping cow’s milk for our Yofi chickpea based is one small change you can make that has a big impact on the environment.

Research has shown that the water footprint of animal-based food products is significantly larger than for plant-based foods with an equal nutritional value.

Animal agriculture is also responsible for destroying large areas of forests and grasslands to create grazing land or to plant feeding crops and causes significant pollution to waterways due to livestock waste, which includes antibiotics, vaccines and growth hormones that end up severely damaging our eco-system.

Plant-based oat uses 13x less water, 11x less land and creates 3.5x less gas emissions than cow’s milk.

Chickpeas are great for farmers as they’re a rotational crop that enrich the soil with nitrogen which is essential for healthy plant growth, reproduction and photosynthesis.

Our goal is to provide consumers with healthier and more sustainable clean-label products.


As children, we’re inherently kind to animals. Left alone with a rabbit and an apple, we’d play with the rabbit and eat the apple, never the other way around. This is our true human nature; we’re all vegans at heart. So what changes as we grow up?

Through a process of cultural programming and desensitisation we learn that it’s good to be kind to the animals we keep as pets, but it’s ok to kill and eat other animals for food. We usually have no idea what really goes on in slaughterhouses and farms and instead choose to believe the clever marketing images that suggest farm animals are being happily reared in sunny meadows and killed ‘humanely’. Sadly, the truth is far from this reality, with the dairy industry in particular using horrific practices that you may be completely unaware of, or choosing to ignore.
Cows only produce milk to feed their babies, so they have to be kept in a permanent state of lactation by being artificially inseminated and their calves taken away at birth after a 9 month pregnancy. The love between a mother and baby cow is no different to humans; love crosses all
boundaries. If their calves are born female they’ll be raised to join the dairy milk production line, while those born male will either be fattened to be slaughtered for veal or killed within a few hours of birth because they have less financial value than females.

The new generation of consumers think differently. We have a new perspective. We’re change-makers, visionaries and leaders who want to make a difference that goes beyond our own health and wellbeing. Our everyday choices are driven by compassion and a deep desire to create a better world where animals are treated with the respect they deserve.

Did you know that we are the only mammals who drink another mammal’s milk? Cow’s milk is designed to grow a small 40kg calf into a 600kg adult! Thousands of years ago, the occasional glass of fresh cow’s milk was probably a nutritional feast for our undernourished ancestors, but we’ve taken that product and created a modern day culture that believes it can’t survive without an excessive daily intake of milk, cheese, ice cream, yogurt and chocolate! (And
fresh milk from a cow tastes nothing like the processed version you buy in supermarkets.) The truth is, humans don’t need cow’s milk. We’ve simply developed a taste for it and a culture that supports its production while simultaneously labelling vegans as ‘weird’, ‘different’ or ‘fanatical’!

At Yofi, we believe that times are changing and that more and more people are choosing their food products and their diets based on ethical, sustainable and compassionate values. That’s why we’ve developed our delicious, nutritious plant-based to support everyone who’s ready to make the switch to ethical, plant-based alternatives.

“Be the change you want to see in the world” Gandhi

The plant-based food industry is a fast growing sector which is a fantastic sign that millions of people worldwide share our vision for a future with less animal exploitation, more food security for everyone and a planet that isn’t teetering on the edge of a catastrophic environmental tipping point.

At Yofi, we strive to support your health and your environmental and ethical choices. We’re more than an innovative food brand, we are the future.

We can’t solve world hunger or end animal exploitation with plant alone, but in joining together with like-minded, animal-loving, planet-conscious people, we can build a community that truly makes a difference.

As Yofi grows, we’ll be using our business for good and giving back to animal charities who share our mission and values. We commit to give back 5% of our profit to associations.

We’d love you to join us!

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