Our drinks contain absolutely no added sugar. All sugars found in our drinks are natural sugars coming from the oats and the rice.

Yes. Yofi is made from certified organic ingredients.

Yofi is not yet certified as gluten free, however our Chickpea + Rice milk naturally contains no gluten.

No. All our products are 100% plant-based and vegan, meaning they are dairy-free, naturally lactose-free and free from all animal protein.

Yes, YOFI is a familial indepedently owned start-up.

There are many reasons for this which may depend on where you live. Some countries add tax to vegan alternatives and others remove taxes for dairy milk. In much of the world, farmers receive subsidies in order to keep the cost of dairy milk low. We believe that it’s worth paying a little extra to drink a plant-based alternative that has a substantially lower negative impact on the planet. The more we as consumers choose the sustainable, ethical, organic products, the more chance we have of clawing back precious time on this planet before it reaches the catastrophic point of no return.