organic plant-based milk using one of the best superfoods in the world: chickpea!

Yofi is a French plant-based food brand founded by vegan entrepreneur Benjamin Blum-Boukozba with a goal of encouraging more people to switch to plant-based alternatives that are better for health, better for the environment and avoid animal exploitation.


To provide delicious plant-based alternatives to dairy products and inspire a new generation of conscious consumers. To encourage people to get informed about the animal exploitation and environmental issues caused by the dairy industry and to support them in making dietary changes that are good for their health, good for the planet and good for the animals. To lead from a place of kindness, compassion and community; putting animals first and people’s health before profit.

Where it all began…

Yofi’s story began in Paris in 1998, when young Ben made the connection between the food on his plate and the animals he loved. He stopped eating fish age 8, then became fully vegetarian at 18, having reduced his meat intake to just a few times a year. While he was passionate about not eating animal flesh, he remained ‘blind’ to the animal exploitation issues around dairy produce and eggs, especially as foods like butter, croissants and patisserie were such a huge part of French cooking and culture.

He never knew that his vegetarian choices were still contributing to awful practices within the dairy industry. As Ben began to do more research into plant-based diets and environmental issues caused by animal production, he discovered ‘Earthling Ed’, an inspirational vegan food warrior who unapologetically exposed the truth behind dairy.

Ben realised that given his love for animals, his eating habits were rather hypocritical and could no longer ignore the misalignment between his diet and his values. In his early twenties, Ben switched to a vegan diet and lifestyle. From a taste
perspective, dairy products and cheese were the hardest things to give up, especially living in Paris, but given his new understanding of the dairy industry it made the process much easier and led to a personal sense of satisfaction.

Ben’s compassion and commitment to a better way of life did not go unnoticed amongst his family and friends. His mother joined him on a vegan lifestyle and even became a vegan entrepreneur herself, setting up a Paris-based vegan shoe brand Bloom Paris for people who wanted stylish shoes without harming animals in the process. Many of his friends began consuming less meat and dairy and supported Ben in his choices, even if they weren’t ready to commit 100%. Eating out in Paris as a vegan over the past few years has not been easy, so Ben taught himself to cook tasty plant-based meals that not only fuelled his healthy lifestyle, but have influenced and inspired his friends to
reconsider their choices.

“When you feed people delicious, home-cooked vegan food, you’re spreading your message in a loving way. And that’s powerful.” - Ben

A move from Paris to New York to study business and economics, followed by work as a financial advisor and private banker, opened Ben’s eyes to a whole new world of vegan and plant-based alternatives that sparked a business idea. He realised that while working in investments might be a solid career choice, becoming a vegan food entrepreneur would ultimately be more fulfilling. A podcast that talked about yellow split-pea milk piqued his curiosity and kick-started deeper research and food trials that would eventually create our delicious, creamy Yofi plant-based m.lk. One thing that was really important to Ben, aside from taste and texture, was creating a product made from natural, organic, real food ingredients that delivered great nutrition and didn’t contain any chemicals or preservatives.

As soon as Ben discovered that the chickpea created superior texture, great taste and delivered on sustainability and high quality nutrition, Yofi Plant-Based M.LK was born.

Our promise for the future…

At Yofi, we are dedicated to leading the way in Europe with high quality plant-based, organic plant-based alternatives that support healthier lifestyles and provide people with options to live a lifestyle more aligned to their values.

We will always be driven by compassion, kindness and community, finding new and innovative ways to create delicious plant-based products that support excellent human health, work in alignment with nature and prevent animal cruelty and exploitation.

Yofi is our legacy; our way to shift perspectives, inspire change and create a better future for our children, our planet and our animals.